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Wheel-speed opto-couples

[This mostly concerns Cindy].

As currently written, moving the wheels in increments of 2cm is
meaningful to the computer.  Small increments such as this are
particularly relevant when Zeta is turning.  Ideally, the large wheels
that pulse the opto-couples on/off will be large enough for them to
distinguish increments of < 2cm.

You may want to consider this in your new design...

Incidentally, it took quite a while to work-out the (hopefully)
correct algorithm for determining the speed with which our robot is
turning and then translating this back to a constant map.  Can you say
"change of co-ordinate system"?  Woo-hoo!  Cartesian geometry back from
the dead!  ;-)

Or Euclidean geometry, whatever.  :)

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