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Playing Field configuration?

After getting to see parts of the old tag wars videos, I've been
thinking more about what type of playing field we can expect.

Malone has avoided stating what size the playing field will be.

However, I think we can narrow the possible size of the playing field
down several different size regions.  Further, I propose that we can
also narrow the possible configurations of the playing field down to
several different regions.

[By field configuration, I mean number of obstacles, relative starting
 location of the enemy, and placement of obstacles].

Now, we are only allowed to press one switch each on the robot to
change it between on/off, attack/defend.

However, if we can come-up with a sufficiently small and reasonable
set of different sizes and different field configurations, then we can
make the robot aware of the size and configuration through toggle
switches.  Moreover, these switches only need to be set once when the
competition begins.  This will occupy some valuable input pins, so
we'll need to decide what information can be transferred carefully.

Begin thinking about probably sizes and configurations.  :-)

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