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H-bridge & Motor

Good News:
we now have a what appears to be a working H-bridge. 

Bad News:
The motor (esp the big one) draws so much current that all the transistors
get VERY HOT.  The motors do not turn very fast either.  The little one is
slightly better but not by much. Cindy, how feasible is it to supply 12V
to the motors?  Voltages are not a problem (provided they are within the
range of 3-12V or so... CMOS).  The ideal motor should function at a max
of circa 10V (we supply 12 V, but there are voltage drops across
transistors)and should not draw obscenely large amounts of current.

If we really have to stick with the big motors, another circuit (possibly
the mixed relay-transistor circuit) to control the motors may be required.

H-bridge good.
Motor bad.
Big motor makes Joyce >(

Joyce :)