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Dear Cindy (or: "While you were away...")

On Sat, Jan 08, 2000 at 08:58:11PM -0500, Joyce Poon wrote:
> This message only concerns Tim.
Okay, fwiw, the following were discussed/decided

 1) 8 appears to be the most likely number of IR sensors that will be
    mounted on our robot.  11 is ideal but more electrically touchy.
    Joyce has a spreadsheet that calculates the blindspot for a
    given number of IR sensors.  There will be a considerable number
    of wires attached. 

    WRT IR sensors we considered a number of non-conventional
    techniques but appear to have ultimately settled for the conventional.
    This is somewhat disappointing, of course...


 2) 10 appears to be a decent number of touch sensors around the
    robot's perimeter.  The question of quality vs. quantity was raised
    but was not answered.

 3) Radio sensors are on hold for the moment.  By the time we got to
    them, both Joyce and I were quite tired of this game.  :-)  The
    general agreement is that some additional relay mechanism will
    eventually be found.  We just haven't figured-out what, yet.
    Along with radio sensors, dropped beacons also go on hold.  Don't rule
    them out of the design, yet, however.

 4) A review of past tag player robots reminded us of the following
    maxim:   SPEED and ACCELERATION!!    Actually, I don't think that
    technically qualifies as a maxim, but the point stands.  :)

Any comments appreciated.

See you at 1:00, Cindy.

> really soon... I'm going to stay online for awhile to check out the chip
> site.  If I'm on skule, pls email or talk/write to me.  Otherwise, give me

And the chip site is useless.  It does not list the op505.  <grumble>

[*] Joyce: It occured to me now that once we have working IR detectors
    and transmitters, we can hook the detectors up to a 'scope and see
    what kind of a signal we actually get from the things.  We may
    re-evaluate some of our decisions in that light (no pun intended ;).

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